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About Us

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SEALAND INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY was founded in the year 1977 as an importer and stockiest of major maintenance products. Through the years, we have gained market insight and experience, which in turn has helped establish the company as a total solutions company for your industrial plastic curtains, insulation materials, packing and gaskets, pressed rubber products, and engineering plastic products’ needs.


Excellence and Professionalism

Our marketing team does intensive market research before launching any product. Through this, we have been recognized as a manufacturer of superior quality products that comply with international standards. Some world-class manufacturers have awarded us exclusive and non-exclusive product distributorship for the past-growing Philippine market. The Management continuously updates our technical expertise and pass this on to our field sales specialists for effective product promotion.

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Insured and Guaranteed

Since our beginnings, we have earned a steady and loyal clientele. We credit this to our high productivity and top-class products. Sealand Industrial Supply, with our promise of continuous improvements, allots resources to both technological advancements and personnel development, which in turn allows us to give our customers the best service.

Our Vision

Sealand Industrial Supply envisions itself to be a customer satisfying and value creating organization involved in the sales and distribution of superior quality industrial products.


The company desires to be an organization that inspires value not only to its partners but as well as to its suppliers, dealers, employees, and to the whole Filipino community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to satisfy the needs of our customers through properly delivered products and services.


It is our mission to ensure that every time our customers do business with us, they are provided with quality service that they deserve.

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